8 types of batik kawung motif


Batik Kawung is a batik motif in the form of a circle similar to a Kawung fruit (a type of coconut or fro) arranged neatly geometrically.

Kawung motif means perfection, purity and purity. In relation to the word suwung which means empty, the kawung motive symbolizes the emptiness of lust and worldly desires, thus producing perfect self-control. This emptiness makes a person neutral, impartial, does not want to stand out, follow the flow of life, allowing everything around him to go according to the will of nature. Semar, the beadman who has a very good and wise character, always wears this kawung motif.

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1. Motif Kawung Picis

The Meaning of Indonesian Batik Motif Kawung Picis

Kawung Picis motifs are drawn in a round shape forming four sides, which are commonly popular also called concrete kawung because of their color and solid shape such as concrete. It is also called picis because it is also analogous to ten cents.

2. Motif Kawung Bribil

The Meaning of Indonesian Batik Motif Kawung Bribil

Kawung Bribil’s motif is neatly symmetrical which is depicted with a round or oval shape which is also called bribil or half a cent currency.

3. Motif Kawung Sen

The Meaning of Indonesian Batik Motif Kawung Sen

Sen kawung motif is also one of the popular kawung motifs, because the size of the details is as big as a penny. In the past, pennies were used to be stocked at the time of the corpse, so this type of kawung was also used to cover bodies before burial.

4. Motif Kawung Sekar Ageng

The Meaning of Indonesian Batik Motif Kawung Sekar Ageng

The Kawung Sekar Ageng motif is illustrated by the relatively large Kawung motif of other types of kawung, because ageng means large, and sekar is a picture of flowers or flowers. Sekung Ageng kawung pattern is also called sawut cheek, where the pattern is diagonal diamond. Checks are three points and sawut is three lines.

5. Motif Kawung Semar

The Meaning of Indonesian Batik Motif Kawung Semar

The Kawung Semar motif consists of two parts, namely a large part and a small part. Large section there are four large circles, with oval circles for small sections. Some of the colors that are famous for Kawung Semar are white, yellow, black, and sogan.

6. Motif Kawung Sari

The Meaning of Indonesian Batik Motif Kawung Sari

The Kawung Sari motif is formed from four angular elements that form a square. Each corner is formed from motifs that resemble cracked coffee beans. Many also call it kawung coffee because of its similar shape. Usually this motif is colored in brown or black.

7. Motif Kawung Buntal

The Meaning of Indonesian Batik Motif Kawung Buntal

The Kawung Buntal motif consists of the kawung pecis combined with a floral motif. The flower motif in this pufferfish is kenikir flower. Seen in its shape, the kawis pecis or concrete looks symmetrical and neat, but not with flower ornaments that form a large circle forming an ornament, and there is a main ornament in the middle, which is usually filled with birds or sometimes garuda or gurdo.

8. Motif Kawung Kembang

The Meaning of Indonesian Batik Motif Kawung Kembang

It is called kawung kembang because it consists of four oval spheres that form like flowers or flowers. This form is asymmetrical with kawung ornament motif next to it which contains kawung penny on its micro motif. The dominant color in this motif is black, brown and light brown