Get to know Malang Batik more

Get to know Malang Batik more

Batik is the national identity of the Indonesian state. since it was announced as an intangible heritage from UNESCO 2009. Not only that, every region in Indonesia also usually depicts each regional or city identity through a piece of batik cloth. One of the areas that has a uniqueness that is poured into a piece of batik is Batik Malang.  

Malang is one of the cities in the south of East Java which is the second largest city after Surabaya. A city that is located in the highlands and has cool air, making Malang a city that cultivates many plants. So, many Malang batik motifs have floral motifs. Batik Malang is also known as Batik Malangan which has at least three characteristics, namely:

  • Many of the background motifs are taken from the motifs of Candi Badut, which is a legacy of the Kanjuruhan kingdom in 760 AD.
  • The stuffing motif with the Malang Monument as the main motif along with the white-haired lion which is the main icon of Malang.
  • Decorative motif containing boketan (flower decoration) for the chest area filled with flower tendrils forming chains.

Judging from its history, Batik Malangan is not clearly explained when and where it was found. However, it can be seen from how the local people there held traditional ceremonies in the 19th century. At the ceremony, you can find many men and women wearing headdresses and udeng / sewek, which are widely known as medhang koro. This also received a lot of influence from the Mataram Kuni Kingdom which in 1222 AD was controlling the Singosari Kingdom.  

Some of the famous Batik Malang motifs to date are:

  • Lotus Flower Motif
    According to the Hindu story in the era of the Singosari Kingdom, the lotus flower is one of the flowers and is Lord Vishnu who is the God of Nature Preservation. The lotus flower also has philosophical roots as a flower that symbolizes prosperity and wisdom for a leader.
  • Tugu Malang
    This monument is one of the icons of Malang community pride that can represent courage and fortitude.
  • Crown
    The crown motif was taken from king Gajayana who brought his kingdom to its golden peak. This can be your best bet for success and achievement.
  • Lion Tassel
    The lion is also a symbol of Malang people, commonly called Singo Edan (Crazy Lion), which has a brave and unyielding nature. Deities This motif is one of the main ornaments at the SIngosari Temple which is the original identity of Malang City, which is also a sign of the triumph of the Singosari Kingdom.
  • Tendrils
    The tendrils are a symbol that life always grows even though nothing is eternal, so humans will surely die. The connecting tendrils also symbolize the next generation who will continue life. This is a symbol for humans to remain humble and to always introspect themselves.
  • Isen Belah Ketupat
    Isen rhombus is taken from the reliefs at Candi Badut, which means that no human is perfect. So it is inappropriate for humans to be arrogant and arrogant.