sri sultan hamengkubuwono X dengan batik indonesia motif parang rusak gendreh

Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X wearing a Parang Rusak Gendreh Indonesian Batik

Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X (HB X) was the King of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta since 1989 and also the Governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta since 1998. He was the 10th King of the Yogyakarta Palace to replace his father, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX who died and was the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia to 2 from 1973-1978.

The owner of the original name, Herjuno Darpito, has a wife and five daughters. Besides being active in government activities, he is also active in social, business and organizational activities. Noted HB X had been the general chairman of Kadinda DIY, the Chairman of the Golkar DIY DPD, the Chair of Koni DIY, the Managing Director of PT. Punokawan, President Commissioner of the Madukismo Sugar Factory, and together with Surya Paloh, HB X, also declared the establishment of the Democratic National Party or the Nasdem Party. Art and culture.

In 2015, HB X suddenly issued Dhawuhraja, which in essence announced the change of name of his firstborn son GKR Pembayun to GKR Mangkubumi. The same pattern also occurred to him in 1989 before being appointed king, his name was first changed to KGPH Mangkubumi before being crowned. But the main problem is, Pembayun GKR is a girl, who in the culture of the Yogyakarta Palace does not recognize a woman serving as king/queen.  

Of course, HB X because it is known to actively socialize arts and cultural activities, also helps preserve batik culture. Batik culture is very closely related to the Yogyakarta Palace. Seen in many palace events, the royal family and the king wore batik motifs whose motives were, of course, adapted to the event and its meaning.

It is also well-known that there are so many palace batik motifs that can only be worn by the king and his family so that ordinary people are trusted not to wear them.

sri sultan hamengkubuwon X dengan batik indonesia motif parang rusak gendreh

Seen in the picture, at the appointment of two students from Sleman to become a member of Paskibraka, which was attended directly by Sultan HB X in September 2019. He wore a black and white batik shirt with a machete motif. These machete motifs can be classified as broken machetes. A broken machete is created when the waves hit a rock on the South Coast that forms the letter S.

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More specifically, the broken machete motif imposed by HB X is Gendreh Damaged Parang. Parang Rusak Gendreh means the strength and swift movement of the knights and symbolizes strength and power. So hopefully the King who has power over his people can move quickly to use his power in protecting and helping his people who are struggling.