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Membatik is an art or a technique of painting at a certain media .In the civilized world , the drawing techniques are already known at the beginning of human civilization .The ancient egyptians wrap up a mummy with linen cloth with had drawn a sharp object like a needle or a knife , and the cloth dipped dye such as blood or ashes , and as it is to seep linen , so directly boiled with wax to fit with the color of expected .There are also the same pattern that occurs in the tang dynasty year 618-690 ) and a dynasty sui year 581-618 ) when the people of china merchants for being all over the world until to the united , africa , and europe .

In indonesia batik derived from a ambhatik. Amba or ombo can be defined something broad and wide or something that lead to outsource. cloth The second word point or a hybrid that can be defined make a point or picture on his media.So thoroughly batik can be defined as an activity describe a motive in a medium, which is usually in a media. cotton or silk in javanese, bathik said referring to the letter represents the java that is a series of pictures certain points were made to the group.

Sources also said that batik not always referred to its cultural, only motives but can also include some modern motives as a line or polkadot.Focuses more on the process of. batik a process known are written and stamp. batik specifically, involves the batik batik wrote a long time until 2 could take more months to a cloth.The process of writing batik batik also have, dependability in the process where the batik usually do some ritual as prayer and fasting intended to batik masterpiece is based on expected.


The Origin of Indonesian Batik

Gallery Batik - Infobatik.com
Gallery Batik - Infobatik.com
Batik technique existed more than 1000 years ago. This is marked by the similarity of batik techniques in Indonesia with batik techniques in countries in West Africa, such as Nigeria, Cameroon, and Mali. For Asia itself, several countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Iran, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia themselves.

Indonesian Batik cannot separate from the influence of ancient cultures and kingdoms in Indonesia. Noted there is the Majapahit Kingdom, which was continued with very rapid development in the days of the Mataram Sultanate to the Surakarta Sunanate and the Yogyakarta Sultanate in the late 18th century or early 19th century.

Beginning, Batik can only be used by people in the palace and the Kings and their families.