Bambang Soesatyo dengan Batik Motif Harimau

Bambang Soesatyo wearing Tiger Patterned Batik

Bambang Soesatyo is Chief of People Consultative Assembly of Indonesia 2019-2024. He was formerly the chief of People Representatives Office 2018-2019. Side from political carrier, he is also an entrepreneur. He is very keen of wearing batik particularly for formal and states occasions.

In the picture, Mr. Soesatyo is seen wearing Tiger-patterned batik, which has been popularized by him and being the trendsetter of this pattern. It is frequently seen how he has been weating Tiger Pattern Batik and it is counted more than 10 types of tiger he has had. Tiger Pattern is originated from Cirebon, West Java, and numerous modified tiger pattern has been made in Pekalongan, Central Java.

Meanings of Tiger; This animal is the bravest predator animal. Despite its wildness, tiger is identified as strong-will animal and it is very focus whilst preying on its target. In addition, it is personified that a person who wears tiger motif will have aura as strong as a tiger.