Indonesian Batik with Tempayang Leaf

Indonesian Batik Motif Tempayang Leaf

Tempayang leaf batik motif is the original batik motif from ancient Mataram (Solo and Jogja). This motif is taken from the original leaf, namely the tempayang flower. Tempayang has a shape like a date palm which is oval and long, but will change shape and expand when exposed to hot water. First of all, we discuss the meaning of leaf images in batik.  

Leaves have a variety of philosophies. Leaves are beautiful but generous flora. This is reflected in its various forms and is usually green or yellow or reddish orange. In their nature, the leaves provide coolness to the surrounding environment by inhaling carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Leaves are also believed to be selfless plants, where leaves are created thanks to the support of the roots, stems, fruit, flowers and soil. He participated in dividing food products from the photosynthesis process and sharing it with all plant elements without exception. For the tempayang leaves themselves, some sources say that these leaves have many properties, which are the mainstay of herbal medicine for many people in ancient times. Some of the main properties of this tempayang leaf are as an effective cough medicine, hemorrhoid medicine, and a sore throat or canker sore reliever.