Najwa Shihab wearing a Tirto Tejo Indonesian Batik

Najwa Shihab is one of Indonesia’s young and modern journalism figures. Najwa, as he was called, began his career as a reporter at Metro TV station. His name began to be known when he preached about the tsunami disaster in Aceh in 2004, told that Najwa had come to Aceh on the first day of the tsunami. He preached the news with a deep tone and sometimes while holding back emotion.

His career skyrocketed when many awards were also won, starting with the award from the PWI, Panasonic Award in 2007. Also, he has several famous talk shows such as Mata Najwa which aired more than 10 years, and is now known to be active as one of the important people in Narrative TV, one of the modern online news channels.

The woman born in Makassar 42 years ago was known for her critical nature when interviewing her speakers, which sometimes also made them nervous and stammer to answer questions from the host.

The son of a Muslim scholar, Quraish Shihab was also appointed as the Indonesian Reading Ambassador for the period of 2016-2020 by the National Library of Indonesia because it was considered to have fostered the spirit of literacy primarily for millennials.  

Najwa Shihab wearing a Tirto Tejo Indonesian Batik

Najwa in the picture, seen wearing modern culottes patterned Tirto Tejo. The original motif of Surakarta’s Occupancy is sogan brown. The diagonal Tirto Tejo worn by Najwa is Tirto Tejo dagel or dional, whose essence is interpreted from the word Tirto or flowing water and Tejo is light, so Tirto Tejo is a flowing light that can symbolize endless prosperity and radiates optimism to the wearer.

Najwa is rarely seen wearing batik clothes, but the style or style is more modern look that is often mixed with sports shoes or sneakers.