The Beauty of Papuan Batik

The Beauty of Papuan Batik

Indonesian batik includes not only batik with motifs from Java Island, but also those outside Java. The beauty of non-Javanese batik motifs represents the beauty of nature, flora, fauna and local culture.

5 Original Papuan Motifs

One of the popular batik motifs is the Papuan motif. The beauty that is offered from the original Papuan style radiates from every stored scratch, as beautiful as its natural beauty.

1. The Bird of Paradise Motif

The Bird of Paradise Motif

Starting with the first motif, the Bird of Paradise motif. The Bird of Paradise is one of the native ungags of Papua. Through its beautiful shape, feathers and tail, the bird of paradise represents the beauty of the land of Papua. Cendrawasih is currently a protected animal in Indonesia, has a thin and curved tail about 30cm. his voice is also shrill, and the fur is used as personal protection.

2. Tifa Honai Motif

Tifa Honai Motif

The next motive is Tifa Honai. In the Papuan language Tifa Honai is defined as a house filled with happiness. Tifa itself is a native Papuan musical instrument that is played by beating (percussion).

3. The Comoros Motif

The Comoros Motif

The next motif is the Comoros motif. Comoros is the art of carving in a tribe in Papua. It is symbolized by a statue that stands with a spear.

4. The Asmat Motif

The Asmat Motif

The fourth motif is the Asmat motif, which is also famous for its carving art from the Asmat Tribe. Depicted with a carved wooden statue of a man. Usually colored with brown colors and typical motifs.

5. The Sentani Motif

The Sentani Motif

Finally, the Sentani motif, which has a characteristic circular log. Batik Sentani illustrates Papua’s rich and fertile land with all its natural resources contained in Papua.